Saturday, October 1, 2011

Running in the ALB

Went home for the weekend and was able to run around the old stomping grounds of Albemarle. It was actually a really good run - the weather was great, and I felt pretty good.

I started at our church and ran all around the neighborhoods "downtown." I forgot how hilly it is and walked a bit to get up a few of the hills, but I'm okay with that. I had to compensate for that by running back and forth between the church and the end of the road, but all in all it was a nice run. Kinda cloudy which was nice, and super cool!

I did notice some tightness in my left thigh and my right calf. I've really got to get better at the stretching afterward. That would probably help out the issues I'm experiencing, but it would also be nice to put to use all the physical therapy treatment I had for six months. I really should have learned my lesson by now. Honestly!

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