Monday, October 3, 2011

4 miler around Duke

Absolutely fantastic run today! I started at work and ran down Towerview. Great way to start and felt really really good the whole time. My pace was a bit faster than it needed to be, so I'm probably going to have to take it slowly on Wednesday.

I ran at mostly at 9:10 pace or faster, and I really expected to be forced to slow down by mile 2 or so, but actually felt okay then. I did feel a bit tight in the right calf, and I can still feel my left thigh a bit. Its much easier to run the way I'm supposed to without Piper, but its hard to justify not taking her with me when I go, especially when I'm at home.

I might not be able to stop myself from exclaiming how awesomely cooler it is outside every post.

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