Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Training Day 1

Countdown to Race Day has begun! I could/should have started yesterday, but wasn't really feeling it.

Piper (the pup) and I did a little less than 3 miles tonight after work. It was pretty humid, I'd say around 79 degrees or so, so it wasn't the best run I've ever had. We did about a 10 minute pace or so, and I tried to not to push it too much.

That's been the hardest thing about coming back from running - not pushing it too much. I had to change my running stance, widening and running more full-footed to accommodate my IT band issues. This is been quite the challenge, as its extremely difficult to change something you've practiced for around 27 years.

I haven't been to see my physical therapist since the beginning of August, but I am trying to do my stretches and be more diligent about my stance while running. I'm also trying to get into my routine, which is also more difficult than I expected. I technically have 17 weeks until the race, so I'm planning to take a few weeks to slowly get started and maybe add a week or two of repetition in the middle with the longer runs. I'm hoping this is good for the run, and I'm hoping I look like this again:

(Happy and content!)

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